What to look for in an electrologist?

So, you’re ready to look for an electrologist? Here are some things to look for when choosing one.

  • Clean professional office
  • Certificates of electrology training displayed
  • Sterile, disposable probes, discarded after each treatment
  • Sterilized forceps, prepackaged and sterilized by autoclave or dry heat
  • Puncture-proof disposable container for probes
  • Disposable latex rubber gloves, discarded after each treatment
  • A consultation which includes a medical case history, complete explanation of procedures and a trial test patch
    Affiliation with an association

So there you have it, a permanent end to unwanted hair growth. Accessable, affordable, simple and safe.
Vijay Bishop is an electrologist at the Adam & Eve hair studio 905-763-1811. The Adam & Eve hair studio is situated at the south/west corner of Yonge and 16th in Richmond Hill. You can email Vijay if you have any inquires.