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I just wanted to give a shout out to Vijay Bishop of Bishop's Electrolysis, she does such great work is one the reasons that look so good on a day to day basis! I've used her custom foundation and well, WOW. I have also seen the work she does on eyelashes and they are amazing
So my advice to you is that you keep your lovely machines and keep doing the spectacular job you do. There is no one else that can do electrolysis as good as you! You may be the best in all of North American! I hope that you're doing well. I wish I could fly back for some appointments!
I had an appointment for getting eyelash extensions with Vijay. The moment I enter the place, I notice how clean, organized, spacious, and sophisticated the place looked. Vijay then sat me down, I filled out a simple form, then we're ready to go. At first I'm a bit anxious as it's my first time getting my lashes done, but as I listened to the soothing music in the background, and Vijay making small talk with me, I became more relaxed and even though my eyes were twitching a little at the start, which didn't affect the lashes being applied at all, it subsided as I became more relaxed. I didn't feel a thing while the process continued. And after an hour, we were done and I was very satisfied with the results! The look was very very natural looking and it was so so pretty! I would definitely come back again as the refills would take an even shorter amount of time than the first time! Awesome job Vijay! 5 stars!
Angeline Chow
Had a great experience here. V.J. was most helpful in explaining the process, and was sensitive to my needs. It was a very relaxing experience, and I was extremely pleased with the results. The place is also spotless and well-appointed. I will definitely be back. Highly recommended.
Love Vijay. She's fantastic! Had electrolysis here and have been coming for eyelash extensions since last year! Vijay is kind, personable and thorough. I always receive excellent and exceptional service here.
Vidya Persaud
Excellent results and great service! This place was very clean and hygienic and the same time warm and welcoming. Anyone looking for professional results should try Bishop's.
Sonia Seebe-Ali
Vijay, you are truly the very best at what you do. I have had the most positive and most successful experience with your services, Not only does the treatment really work, it is permanent and each and every week you are able to see and feel the results for yourself. In addition to providing an outstanding service, you are very kind and friendly. You have that special something that it takes to take care of people when they enter your place of business. Thank You for making me feel comfortable and safe. In conclusion, the cleanliness and your professionalism are second to none. Thank You for giving me more than expected for my money and dedicated time. All the best for continued success, I highly recommend your services without any reservation.
Lori Melo